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Timonium, MD 21093
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Gutter Repairs

Fallacy: You need bigger gutters to relieve overflow…

Pat learned an abundance of distinctions when studying to be a gutter cleaner, installer and repair specialist. One of these discoveries is that moving more water requires a bigger hole…not necessarily a bigger trough. Larger gutters versus larger down spouts, what will really work for you and your home?

Fallacy: If your gutters are falling off, you must replace them…

Pat knows that gutters can be reattached; but don’t just re-nail them; spikes will keep coming out and leave your fascia board receptive to water damage, insects, splitting and dry rotting.

What will work best to solve your dilemma?

Our technicians are rigorously trained in Pat’s techniques for establishing functional gutter systems. We are versed in K-style, half round, copper, aluminum and galvanized gutter systems.

Following the basic principle of physics, using strong materials and proven techniques gives you, our customer, a long lasting satisfying experience.

Truth: Water runs down hill. Water is wet, rocks are hard, and Pat’s Gutter Service knows what works.

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Gutter After Repair

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